Sweet's® Salt Water Taffy - Watermelon


Sweet's® Salt Water Taffy - Watermelon

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  • Type: Taffy Treats
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Bring on a classic with Sweet's® Salt Water Taffy Watermelon! 

  • A sweet crunch that's sure to tantalize those taste buds.
  • Crunchy snacks that retain 98% of their original sweet goodness.
  • Re-sealable Individual pouches are great for snacking, camping, hiking, emergency preparedness kits
  • Zip-lock Mylar bags for long-term storage with shelf life up to 25 years (once opened, store product in an airtight jar or canister to maintain freshness) 
  • Perfect for adding to chocolate and ice cream
  • Crush and add to frosting or smoothies for a fun sweet addition



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